Fighteraces were commissioned to build this 40% scale GeeBee Model Z to museum scale standard. Based loosely on the 40% scale plans by Wendell Hostetler, numerous outline changes were made to bring the model up to a more accurate reproduction of the original. The model is of traditional timber construction, covered in Diatex 1000 and finished in KlassKote paints. Over 50 patterns & fibreglass moulds were produced from scratch for the multitude of moulded components on the model ranging from the large engine cowl & wheel spats to small streamline fairings over the flying & landing wire attachment points. With a span of 112″ and a length of just over 6ft, the models final flying weight was 82lb. Power was provided by a Moki 400cc 5-cylinder radial engine turning a 38” x 20” wooden prop with guidance from Powerbox/Futaba radio.