C-47 'Buzz Buggy'

This C-47 Skytrain, built from the Nick Ziroli plans arriving with us here at Fighteraces in late 2022 from a client in the USA for a complete make over.

Devoid of any significant detail upon arrival, all of the characteristic ‘lumps & bumps’ so prominent on the C-47 have been added……upper nacelle air intakes, lower nacelle oil coolers, open cowl gills, landing lights (functional), dummy engine exhausts & farings, DF loop & all of the various aerials which are all removable for transport. Several areas of the original model were ‘off’ in terms of outline (wing fairings + stab & fin tip in particular)….all have been fully reworked & corrected.

Upon arrival the models surface was covered in rudimentary ‘flush’ panel lines rather than the prototypical overlapping edges. Widely spaced ‘dockyard’ sized rivets were also present. After a complete strip back, working from detailed scale 3-view drawings, prototypical overlapping panel edges have been added all over as well as multiple thousand domed head rivets at as close to scale spacing as it practical on a 1/8 scale model.

The GRP nose has been made removable allowing access to the radio system. A Powerbox Mercury SR2 along with twin Powerbox receivers are fitted, connected via Powerbox MAXI cable, plugs & sockets to a mix of JR & MKS servos.
Power comes from a pair of stock magneto ignition Zenoah 38’s with Fiala 18″ x 10″ 3 blade wood props & machined aluminium spinner domes.

Much of the model required re-glassing after initial surface prep, this was done using our usual L285 skinning resin & 48g sq/m glass cloth. Paints are a mix of Klass Kote epoxy, Humbrol enamels, solvent basecoat with a final Klass Kote ‘Matt Clear’ to seal. Weathering is done using multiple techniques using a mix of oils & airbrushed enamels.