L285 Epoxy Skinning Resin

Having using a wide range of existing products during my 15 years personal experience of glassing both sports and scale models, I discovered this resin a couple of years ago, and it has now become my own ‘Resin of Choice’ for all my glass skinning and moulding needs, showing superior working and finished qualities compared to all other resins I have used over the years.

  • Almost no odour
  • Low viscosity, requiring no additional thinning, even in cool working conditions.
  • Long working pot life of 30/40 minutes.
  • NO wax residue produced during the cure.
  • Excellent sanding properties, does not clog the paper like other products can.

This resin requires a 2.5:1 mix ration (e.g. 100g resin + 40g catalyst), and is available in 2 pack sizes, now in easy pour bottles.

500g Resin + 200g Catalyst – £ 27.45 + P&P

1kg Resin + 400g Catalyst – £ 54.00 + P&P