Finishing Materials

Over 25 years+ of model making experience, I have gathered together a ‘favourite’ range of products which I consider to be the best for a range of jobs associated with building RC models, predominantly scale ones. Since offering my services as a ‘builder’ in 2005, I get regular e-mails and phone calls asking for advice on certain jobs or products. This has prompted the inclusion of many of these products into the Fighteraces range. I aim to offer a ‘One Stop Shop’ for a range of high quality, well proven building and finishing materials, so watch this space for further additions.

Panel Line Tape

self adhesive flexible fine line tape ( 1/64” wide ) used for the application of panel lines to a model. Price £4.40

3M Fine Line Masking Tape

6mm wide flexible plastic masking tape, ideal for masking around curves where regular paper tape will not conform. Price £9.00

3M Masking Tape

1" wide roll. Price £1.20

6″ Flattening Pad

Used wet for flatting paintwork between coats & prior to final clear coat application. Price £2.30

Tack Cloths

Tack Cloths are a lightly waxed fabric cloth used for removing contaminants from a surface prior to painting. Price £0.50

Stopper Rubbers

A flexible rubber ‘squeegee’ perfect for spreading filler, stopper and epoxy resin. Price £3

Acrylic Red ‘Stopper’

A fast drying, easy to sand acrylic surface putty. Price £21.50