Engines & Accessories

Stainless Steel Mufflers

Range of stainless steel manifolds and canister mufflers, suitable for 20 to 80cc petrol engines. Call for pricing info

RCJ7Y Spark Plug

Spark plugs for use in ZG38, 45 and 62. Price £4.70

Exhaust Jointing Teflon Tube and Clips

Exhaust Jointing Teflon Tube and Clips. Prices from £6.10 per tube

Felt Fuel Filter

Felt 'clunk' fuel filter. Price £4.75

Tygon Fuel Tube

Transparent yellow tubing which is resistant to Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene. Price £4.20 per metre

Zenoah Engine Spares

List of Zenoah engine spares. Price £Various


The 62 has a very short stroke, this has two advantages, first is the motor is shorter thereby and second, the piston acceleration is not as high reducing vibration. Price £370

ZG 45 / 62 Easy Start System

Would you like to be able to easily start your ZG 45 or ZG 62 by hand? Price £105

ZG38 Reduction Gearbox

The 2.8:1 ZG38 reduction gear unit is available in two versions, side mounted and inline. Price £299

Belray H1-R 2T Engine Oil

This is an improved version of the MC H-1-X synthetic two stroke oil for petrol engines.......Price £25.50