Engines & Accessories

RCJ7Y Spark Plug

Spark plugs for use in ZG38, 45 and 62. Price £4.70

Exhaust Jointing Teflon Tube and Clips

Exhaust Jointing Teflon Tube and Clips. Prices from £6.10 per tube

Felt Fuel Filter

Felt 'clunk' fuel filter. Price £4.75

Tygon Fuel Tube

Transparent yellow tubing which is resistant to Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene. Price £4.20 per metre

Zenoah Engine Spares

List of Zenoah engine spares. Price £Various


The 62 has a very short stroke, this has two advantages, first is the motor is shorter thereby and second, the piston acceleration is not as high reducing vibration. Price £370

ZG 45 / 62 Easy Start System

Would you like to be able to easily start your ZG 45 or ZG 62 by hand? Price £105

ZG38 Reduction Gearbox

The 2.8:1 ZG38 reduction gear unit is available in two versions, side mounted and inline. Price £299

FEMA Universal Prop Balancing Machine

Suitable for use on propellers from 12” to 40” in diameter with bores of 8, 10, 12 and 20mm diameter. Price £37.70

Belray H1-R 2T Engine Oil

This is an improved version of the MC H-1-X synthetic two stroke oil for petrol engines.......Price £25.50