Control Hinges & Linkages

Brass M2 Turnbuckle

Adjustable from 22mm to 32mm. Price from £2.75 each

Nickel Plated Steel M3 Turnbuckles

Adjustable from 32mm to 44mm. Price from £3.99 each

Kavan M2 Metal Clevis

Price £0.70 each

Kavan M3 Metal Clevis

Price £0.80 each

Hatch Catch

Heavy duty injection moulded plastic body with 3mm spring loaded steel latch pin. Price £3.99

Heavy Duty Pushrod Kits

A range of heavy duty pushrods and fittings to allow the builder to produce bespoke carbon pushrods for medium to large size models. Prices from £0.65

Robart Hinge Points

Price £0.55 each

Kavan Giant Hinges

Price: £0.40 each