Capacity 45cc
Bore 43mm
Stroke 31mm
Power (std. exhaust) 3.3PS
Length (inc. mount) 160mm
Height (inc. plug cap) 130.5mm
Weight (inc. exhaust) 4.5lbs
Price: £330.00 + P&P (Including Radial Engine Mount)

The popularity of the Titan ZG 62 has remained constant over the years. No other model aircraft petrol-engine has come anywhere near the sales volume of this superb engine. Many modellers do not want such large models, but they wish to have a slightly smaller engine with the same reliable qualities of the Titan ZG 62. For aerobatic models of about 2 m span, many scale and fun fly models, the ZG 45 is the answer. It has not only the outward appearances of the Titan ZG 62. The ignition, flywheel and propeller hub is identical. The crankshaft is also 15mm diameter which is for this size of engine very robust. The ZG 45SL is 200g lighter than the ZG 62SL and has very smaller dimensions. The smaller and of course lighter piston coupled to the same size flywheel makes for a very smoother running engine.

Good all round performance is achieved with the 20×10″ Menz-S. For maximum thrust the 21×8″ Menz S is perfect, but rather noisy due to higher rpm’s

trumpetInlet Trumpet

Price: £10.50 + P&P

carbbend4590 Degree Carburettor Bend

Price: £43.00 + P&P



ZG 45 / 62 Easy Start System

Would you like to be able to easily start your ZG 45 or ZG 62 by hand? Price £105