Capacity 38cc
Bore 38mm
Stroke 33mm
Power (std. exhaust) 2.6HP
Length (inc. mount) 168mm
Height (inc. plug cap) 150mm
Weight (inc. exhaust) 4lbs
Price: £272.00 + P&P (Including Radial Engine Mount)

The engineers at Komatsu Zenoah reworked the old ZG 38 S several years ago; this entailed a completely new cylinder with very thin fins with increased surface area. This reworking brought about a saving in weight of 100g, reducing the total weight to 1800g. The intake port area was increased as well as that of the transfer passages and exhaust port giving an increase in performance.

The ZG 38SC is fitted with a Walbro Carburettor with increased cross sectional area for increased power, as well as an integral choke for easier starting, especially when the intake manifold is fitted and the carburettor is drawing air from inside the fuselage.

The ZG 38SC is very noteworthy for its reliability and power to turn large propellers with ease, plus the rearward exhaust porting is very useful in that it allows close fitting cowls. The three piece crankshaft has two counter weights for optimal balancing and is supported in two very robust ball races that can take the thrust from the propeller without a lot of additional friction. The gudgeon pin is hollow to reduce weight as much as possible on the reciprocating parts. The conrod is forged and hardened, and has caged needle roller bearings both ends.

The very powerful ignition coil is fitted with a ‘M’ shaped core which means that by each turn of the flywheel the coil is fully charged twice, giving a very strong spark at very low revs, making for easy hand starting and very smooth idle speeds.

The ZG 38SC is happiest with large propellers. The Menz S 22×8″ for large slow flying models (WW! Types), and the 20×8″, 20×9″ and 20×10″ for models such as the Piper Cub. For aerobatic models the Menz S 19×10″ is especially suitable.

trumpetInlet Trumpet

Price: £10.50 + P&P

carbbend3890 Degree Carburettor Bend

Price: £36.80 + P&P

38throttle_linkThrottle Linkage

Price: £6.25 + P&P
ZG38 Reduction Gearbox

The 2.8:1 ZG38 reduction gear unit is available in two versions, side mounted and inline. Price £299