Capacity 25.4cc
Bore 34mm
Stroke 28mm
Power (std. exhaust) 2.2HP
Length (inc. mount) 139mm
Height (inc. plug cap) 138mm
Weight (inc. exhaust) 3.5lbs
Price: ZG26 SC £255.00 + P&P (Magneto)
Price: ZG26 EI £279.00 + P&P (Electronic Ignition)

The Titan ZG 26SC is the result of constant development of the Titan ZG 22 and 23 over recent years. The new cylinder is the most prominent change in the outward appearance of the Titan ZG 26SC. The new piston is fitted with a thin high performance single ring which considerably reduces surface friction with the cylinder. In addition to more power, this piston rings low drag, allows a lower reliable tickover speed.

The Titan ZG 26SC is supplied with silencer, intake tube, carburettor servo linkage, motor mount and spark plug box spanner. The very detailed instructions provide the newcomer to petrol engines with a great deal of information and tips. Recommended propellers are the Menz S 18×6″, 18×8″, 17×8″ and the 17×10″.

The new Walbro pump carburettor with choke simplifies the fitting of the intake bend, and with the supplied intake trumpet, allowing the air to be sucked out of the fuselage, and thereby silencing the intake noise. The crankcase of the Titan ZG 23SL has been adapted to the new cylinder, meaning the outside measurements are not altered. The double counter balanced crankshaft constructed to take the extra power is suspended in three ball bearings; the cold forged con rod is fitted with needle bearing rollers in both ends.

The two ignition modules and the flywheel are industrially designed and produced components, developed especially for Zenoah model aircraft engines. Compared to battery ignition systems, this magneto ignition is very tough and able to absorb quite an amount of abuse. The power coil over the flywheel also contains the electronic components that set the timing; the ignition coil is the second module. The magneto ignition, in spite of the flywheel, is hardly any heavier than a battery ignition with a reasonable sized battery.

carbbend2690 Degree Carburettor Bend
Price: £41.75 + P&P