Capacity 20.1cc
Bore 32mm
Stroke 25mm
Power (std. exhaust) 1.73PS @ 11,000RPM
Length (inc. mount) 120mm
Height (inc. plug cap) 118mm
Weight (inc. exhaust) 2.73lbs inc. exhaust,& ignition battery
Price: £245 +P&P

Due to its very low weight and small size, the Titan ZG 20 is ideal for models normally powered by 10 to 20 cc glow engines. Fuel is made up from normal grade lead free petrol mixed with high grade 2-stroke oil in a ratio of 50:1.

For the first time Komatsu Zenoah is using a high performance micro processor battery ignition with automatic timing advancement, specially developed for this engine. This ignition unit is unusually powerful and this makes for very easy hand starting. The high tension cable is well screened with a metal plug cap. The ignition module is fitted with a CNC-milled base for protecting the wires and to provide an easy vibration resistant installation in the model. Ideal power source is a single LiPo cell (3,7V) having a capacity of 2,000 Mah, alternatively a 3,6V (3 cells) NiMh or NiCad battery can be used. The Micro processor can operate down to 3 volts.

Menz S propellers in the following sizes are suitable: 15×8”, 16×6”, 16×8” and 17×6, as well as the 17×8”N or the APC 16 x8”

The Titan ZG 20 is supplied complete with ignition unit, silencer, intake tube and aluminium motor mounting plate. The battery and the ignition switch are not included.

zg20bendMagnesium 90 degree carb bend for ZG20

Inc: – Insulator block & gaskets

Price: £39.00 + P&P