WarbirdColours Paint


With regret, after 10 years of supplying Warbirdcolors paints in the UK and Europe, we have to announce that we will no longer be bringing any fresh stocks into the UK. This is due to a continued increase in the costs of importing the paints, plus a gradual decline in sales following the reformulation of the product 4/5 years ago. We still have a reasonable range of USAAF and Luftwaffe RLM colours in stock (very limited RAF) – Please see table below for exact remaining stock list. Please feel free to continue contacting us with enquiries, and we will do our best to accommodate with what stock we have left. We would finally like to thank all of our valued Warbirdcolors customers for all their support over the last 10 years.


Please note the following points and read the instructions carefully before use.

Warbirdcolors Paint is a water based high pigment paint. It should NOT be thinned to the same ratios as you would with a solvent based paint ( ie 50% thinners ). Over thinning will cause pooling and runs on the surface of the model. Warbirdcolors thinning should be between 10% and 25%, while larger spray guns may need no thinning at all.

For best results, use an airbrush or spray gun with a minimum nozzle size of 0.5mm. Because of the high pigment, airbrushes with nozzles smaller than 0.5mm struggle to spray the paint correctly. Over thinning will not help the situation and will only result in the paint pooling on the surface of the model. Cheap external mix airbrushes and small nozzle airbrushes are only really suitable for spraying small plastic kits, not R/C models.

Use a compressor with an adequate capacity for delivering air and that has a built in air tank. A compressor which provides at least 3.5 cubic feet per minute or higher is recommended.

Available Colours (click for a larger image)

Please note that the colours displayed on screen are photographs of paint samples on the tin lids, but are still only an approximate indication of colour due to variations in screen quality, settings, hue and brightness etc.

Flying Corps
Luftwaffe US Army Airforce
& Navy

One off orders will be accepted for any of the full range of colours listed on the http://www.warbirdcolors.com website. Please note that to be able to offer one off orders for Russian, Japanese colours etc, at the UK prices listed below, they will be included with our normal restock orders. These are placed approximately every 8 to 10 weeks, so if you require special colours, please place your order in plenty of time. If you require special colours urgently, we can accommodate this, but the additional shipping costs for small orders from the US to the UK will be passed on to the customer.

1/4 Pint
Trim Colours
1/2 Pint
(236ml) Camouflage Colours
1 Pint (473ml) 1 Quart (496ml)
Insignia Red,
Insignia Blue
£6.85 - - -
PC-10, PC-10 Old,
Dark Green
- £13.25 - -
Sky, Roundel Red,
White, Blue, Yellow
£6.85 - - -
Dark Earth,
Dark Green,
Sky, Middle Stone,
Azure Blue,
Ocean Grey,
Dark Sea Grey,
Ex Dk Sea Grey,
Ex Dk Sea Green,
Medium Sea Grey,
Dark Slate Grey,
Light Slate Grey,
PR Blue,
- £13.25 - -
02, 04, 21, 22, 23, 66, 79, 80
£6.85 - - -
65, 70, 71, 74, 75, 76, 78, 81, 82, 83
- £13.25 - -
Insignia Red, Blue, White, Black,
Zinc Chro Green,
Zinc Chro Yellow
£6.85 - - -
Sea Blue, Intermediate Blue, Insignia White,
Olive Drab,
Neutral Grey
- £13.25 - -
Primer - £13.25 £26.95 £49.25
Remaining Stock
Tin Size
Remaining Tins
1/4 RLM 66 1
1/4 RLM 79 2
1/4 RLM 80 6
1/2 RLM 81 3
1/2 RLM 83 5
1/2 Azure Blue 4
1/2 Extra Dark Sea Green 4
1/2 Light Slate Grey 4
1/2 Dark Sea Grey 1
1/2 PR Blue 3
1/2 WW1 Insignia Blue 3
1/2 WW1 Insignia Red 1
1/4 US Insignia Blue 5
1/2 US Neutral Grey  1
1/4 US Zinc Chromate Yellow 7
1/2 36307 Italian Grey  1
1/2 Fokker Turquoise 1
1/2 Fokker Green 1
1/2 All Earth Brown 1
1/2 34102 US Vietnam Green 1
1/4 US Vietnam Brown 1

All prices are +P&P based on weight