Heavy Duty Pushrod Kits

A range of heavy duty pushrods and fittings to allow the builder to produce bespoke carbon pushrods for medium to large size models.

The machined aluminium pushrod ends are available in 2 sizes to suit 6mm O/D and 10mm O/D carbon fibre tube.

Each size of aluminium end fittings is available in 2 types. The 1st has a preinstalled M3 stud with locknut to accept either and M3 metal clevis of M3 heavy duty ball link. The 2nd type is tapped to M3 to accept a length of M3 steel studding with lock nut that can be anything up to 8” long. This is ideal when a pushrod extends right into the tail of a model and may have to pass through close fitting formers where the full diameter of the pushrod may cause problems. It is recommended that the M3 studding is sleeved in 3mm I/D carbon tube to stiffen.

When assembling the pushrods, ensure all aluminium fittings are degreased prior to bonding. Also ensure the outer face of the carbon tube is keyed to improve the glue bond. We recommend using a slow cure 24hr epoxy for bonding the aluminium ends (Loctite Hysol 9462 being ideal). To further reinforce the glued joint, the end fitting can be cross drilled with a 1-1.5mm drill and pinned with a short length of piano wire or carbon rod. When fitting the M3 studding, ensure Loctite us used as well as the M3 lock nut.


10mm O/D carbon tube (meter) – £ 12.75
6mm O/D carbon tube (meter) – £ 7.00

10mm studded pushrod end – £ 3.10 each
10mm threaded pushrod end – £ 3.70 each

6mm studded pushrod end – £ 2.90 each
6mm threaded pushrod end – £ 3.10 each

M3 steel studding (8” long) – £ 0.65 each

M3 Kavan metal clevis – £ 0.80 each
M3 heavy duty ball link – £ 1.05 each