Dornier 335 Arrow

Wing Span: – 98.5” (2.5 m)
Length: – 100” (2.55 m)
Weight: – 40lb (18kg)
Engine: – 2x Zenoah 45cc

Price: This kit is currently unavailable due to re-developing the original balsa/foam wing to a new full composite wing. Details of the kits re-release will be announced as soon as they are made available from the manufacturer.

As of 16th September 2016, the manufacturer intends to re-release in November 2016 in a fully composite format.

Full details and prices will follow as and when they are made available to us.

  • Epoxy glass fuselage, with integral tail fins, pre-installed formers, and moulded panel, hatch and rivet detail
  • Balsa covered foam wings, with pre-installed/shaped leading & trailing edges
  • Balsa covered horizontal stabiliser with pre installed/shaped leading & trailing edges
  • Balsa covered rudders with pre installed/shaped leading/trailing edges
  • Wing & horizontal stabiliser joining tubes
  • CNC cut wooden parts
  • Epoxy glass cowl
  • Epoxy glass cooling air duct
  • Epoxy glass wing tips
  • Epoxy Glass bomb bay cove
  • Transparent Canopy
  • Instruction Manual
Additional Accessories
  • Muffler (Front) for ZG45, with fixings, manifold and Teflon coupler
  • Muffler (Rear) for ZG45, with fixings, manifold and Teflon coupler
  • Rear prop shaft, complete. (Pre-assembled)
  • Retractable undercarriage. (pneumatic)
  • Spinner (Front), fibreglass-aluminium
  • Spinner (Rear), fibreglass-aluminium

Call for further details