VM 210 B2-4T
Displacement: 210 cc
Power: ca. 16 hp
Bore: 52 mm
Stroke: 50 mm
Width including valve covers: 385 mm
Length from engine mount to prop hub: 185 mm
Engine weight: 5640 g
including ignition: 5830 g
Ignition voltage range: 4.8 - 9 V
Idle RPM: 800
Max RPM: 5500
Fiala propellers 2-blade: 36×14″
Static thrust with 36×14″ FIALA prop: 35 kp at4800 rpm
Fuel: 1:30
Valvoline SynPower 2T / Aral Ultimate 102 or Shell V-Power 100Due to the rather pungent smell of normal grades of petrol and the alcohol content, we recommend to use either Aral Ultimate 102 or Shell V-Power in conjunction with the synthetic two stroke oil Valvoline SynPower 2T
  • Sensational smooth running and high torque
  • Spontaneous throttle response and smooth mid-range transition
  • Extremely low vibration throughout the RPM range because of the four stroke principle
  • Honda Valves
  • Walbro Carburetor
  • Valach microprocessor controlled ignition with auto advance and retard
  • An ignition integrated voltage converter allows the use of two LiPo cells
  • VM-Motors are designed using the latest tools and techniques
  • Rapid spares delivery and repair service from Germany by Toni Clark practical scale GmbH

The VM 210 B2-4T has been projected together with the VM 170 B2-4T sharing the same crankcase, pistons and cylinder heads. A new crankshaft, longer cylinders and a new steel connecting rod are responsible for the increased stroke, more torque and significantly more power output.

Just like the VM 170 B2-4T the VM 210 B2-4T is an exceptionally smooth running engine. Throttle response is spontaneous with superb mid-range transition.

Two huge-capacity cylinders and being a four-stroke cycle engine create a very real aero-engine sound. If desired, relatively small silencers can make the VM 210 B2-4T an outstandingly quiet engine, with an exhaust note more like a car engine.

Price: £ 2,425.00 (available to order only)