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Ashlock 9 Way (3 Servo)

Ashlock 9 Way Prices from £0.55

Ashlock 12 Way (4 Servo)

Ashlock 12 Way Prices from £1.45

Ashlock Male Pin

Ashlock Male Pin Price £0.22 per pin

Ashlock Female Socket

Ashlock Female Socket Price £0.22

VM 60 S1-4T

Price £ 810.00


Due to its very low weight and small size, the Titan ZG 20 is ideal for models normally powered by 10 to 20 cc glow engines. Price £245


The Titan ZG 26SC is the result of constant development of the Titan ZG 22 and 23 over recent years. The new cylinder is the most prominent change in the outward appearance of the Titan ZG 26SC. Price from £255


The ZG 38SC is very noteworthy for its reliability and power to turn large propellers with ease, plus the rearward exhaust porting is very useful in that it allows close fitting cowls. Price £272


For aerobatic models of about 2m span, many scale and fun fly models, the ZG 45 is the answer. Price £330

Valach VM 70 S1 – 4T

Price £900.00